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About Us

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the best Colloidal Silver on the planet.

Silver of Life was founded by three health fanatics and long time friends after being frustrated with the selection of Colloidal Silver products online. We were appalled by the amount of “bathtub” colloidal silver being sold on the internet. These products are made inside someone’s home (oftentimes not a sterile environment), are not lab tested, and come in cheap plastic bottles that can leave the product inside vulnerable to UV sunlight damage.

To put it simply, we created Silver of Life because we wanted to know for sure that the colloidal silver our families consume is safe, pure, and effective.

Our #1 priority is to give our customers a brand that they can trust and rely on. Not only do we sell the best colloidal silver in the world, we also have customer service that you won’t find anywhere else. No phone call goes unanswered, no email left unreplied. We are here for our customers when they reach out to us.

We believe that every successful company should give back where they can. That’s why we are proud to donate a percentage of our profits to burn centers nation wide.